1st Anniversary + Pre-Christmas sale!


Over the past year, Bagophelia has taught me so much…

Juggling a full-time degree, tuition jobs, miscellaneous commitments as well as a part-time business hasn’t always been easy. To be honest, it was particularly trying on days when I had to lug heavy bags on my petite frame in order to make multiple deliveries before rushing off to school, or traveling across the island just to make a delivery for that matter. (I wish I had a car! But I guess these two legs will have to do for now!)

Things were made sweeter here recently when my boyfriend Mike jumped onboard to help me manage the technical aspects of Bagophelia. Pssst. A new Bagophelia website is now in the works thanks to him, and you’ll be the first to know about it when it’s ready!

As always, my family has been here all this time providing me with all the emotional support and guidance I needed when the going got tough.

But the one most important thing I’ve learnt, is that just a smile from a satisfied customer, or catching that joyful glint in her eyes as she unravels her new bag, is all it takes for my heart to soar and place me on top of the world!

The most enjoyable aspect of Bagophelia was and is making connections with all you fellow bag-lovers out there, and being of service to you. :)

Thanks for making Bagophelia’s 1st year such a smooth and enjoyable ride! We would be nothing without your kind support and love!


Most Gratefully,

Esther Teo



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