The Bagophile

Bagophilia + Ophelia = Bagophelia

bag⋅o⋅phel⋅i⋅a : help for an obsessive, almost unhealthy attraction to bags.

Ohayo! That’s me up there. :)

This is a little project I am undertaking outside of school. It’s part of what keeps me going when the studying puts me in the doldrums of life: it is my passion, my distraction and my sin.

And don’t we all get that familiar rush when we see a favourite bag we’ve just got to have? I know I do.

This blog is a culmination of my love-hate relationship with my obsession with bags, wallets you name it! I scour the globe (hyperbolic I know! But you get the idea) for the best deals to satiate my bag-whore crave.

*I’m not a bulk seller. I just love bags and pick a few here and there out of my monthly hauls/personal collection to sell. :)

So you can bet that the wallets, bags and other miscellaneous items I post for sale here are definitely authentic (receipts/price tags will be provided whenever possible) and price competitive. I strive to price them lower than anywhere else so that you get a larger share of the discount pie, with my great thanks. :)

Like what you see? Leave me an email at, or leave a comment!

With all that said, let’s roll. :)


Esther / thefloralparasol


2 Responses to “The Bagophile”

  1. 1 Yvonne

    Hi Esther

    Would appreciate if you can count me in when there are new stocks arrival…especially for Kate Spade!


    • 2 thefloralparasol

      Hi Yvonne, yes I will most definitely do that! :)

      Alternatively, you could just click on the “count me in please!” button on the right panel to receive instant email updates when I’ve posted the next haul.

      Thanks for checking Bagophelia out! Do let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve on the site!

      Smile! :)

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