One of the biggest worries a buyer can ever have while shopping online is:

How do I know if the item I am paying my hard-earned money for is authentic?

Well, I understand those sentiments totally because I was cheated once a long time back.

Yes me, by this seller who sold me a fake Coach bag while insisting that it was authentic. It took me a day of comparing the photos he had provided with the stock photos of an authentic model to realise my folly.

Needless to say, I promised myself: Never again.

I got my money back eventually, but it was a terribly long wait combining inefficient and inflexible Paypal in addition to the nasty verbal abuse on the part of the seller that prompted me to research on how to spot fake bags, especially Coach bags since I love them so much.

Here is a culmination of that ongoing research, and I trust that the pointers here will aid you in your online shopping experience much. :) Most of the information here is credited to and Lisa (to.much.stuf). Kudos to you people! :)

  1. The layout of the signature C pattern: Should be symmetrical. The two C’s must be next to each other in doubles, not in a single row of C’s. If the C’s look more like Gs or Os, then the bag is obviously a fake.
  2. If in doubt, closely cross examine photos of the specific model of the Coach bag with the one you’re considering. Look out for any differences in minor details, i.e. the strap, Coach creed, metal hardware, etc. Ask the seller for photos of the real item to be sure. Using only stock photos is a lazy way of selling (and in my opinion, you as a consumer, can never be too sure), so always ask for real photos.
  3. Coach creeds: are a definite thing to look out for. Most fake Coach product manufacturers strive hard to make the bag’s exterior look as genuine as possible, but neglect the interior. Coach bags are now manufactured in China. Bagbliss states that the serial number should start with “No”, the abbreviation for number, and have 4 numbers after the dash, not 3 (This does not necessarily apply to the older Coach bags). The writing should be neat and straight, not crookedly stamped on. Also the paragraph above the serial number should all be in caps, and in English. The authenticity number has to match the style of the bag that you are considering. Google is your best friend, just google the style number on the authenticity patch to see what style the number references, and if it’s a match.
  4. Zippers:  Coach uses YKK zippers as this is the highest-quality manufacturer of zippers. Look closely at the zippers, you’ll see the YKK initials embossed on them, usually on the side or underneath it.
  5. Lining:  If the outside of the bag has the CC pattern, the lining will be plain.  And vice versa (although sometimes neither the outside nor the inside will have the CC pattern).  Lisa states that you will NEVER see a bag with the CC pattern on the outside AND the inside – this is a sure sign of a fake bag.
  6. Fake Coach bags are quite easy to spot (Yes I was DUMB to have been fooled once :( ), but if that niggling feeling of doubt persists, do not hesitate to contact CarolDiva. She’s the one who helped me in my counterfeit claim and she is just great!

One Response to “Authentic?”

  1. 1 candice

    There are some of your coach large patent bags that have been sold out that i’m interested. Will be stock taking them in again ?

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