Dealt with me before? Think I deserve a little note of praise or comments on how I might improve on this site or my service?

Leave me feedback here on the good, the bad and the ugly (I hope it’s only all good from here though!)

I would really love to hear from you!

*Some have been extracted from my sgselltrade feedback page here: as well as my other livejournal page:

As you can see, I’m pretty much everywhere and all over the place :p!


42 Responses to “Feedback!”

  1. Bought a coach bag from this site! I took longer than the usual time frame to pay but the seller was extremely accommodating and even went to my convenience to pass me the item! Thank you for the enjoyable experience and so sorry for the trouble! :)

  2. This has got to be one of the easier transactions I have done. The website is concise (not to be confused with small) and more importantly, up-to-date. I sent her an email, got a reply in an hour or so… arranged to meet… c’est tout!

    The bag was lovely. Exactly brand new as stated. So… easy peasy like a scrambled egg.

    Great communication… will def buy from her again!

  3. 3 Lydia N

    I was looking for a sweet and vibrant color kate spade bag and i found that she is selling one! I was elated with joy! :D Please bring in more Kate Spade with vibrant colors!

    Great service and very nice! Willing to meet me at my convenience!
    Hope to deal with u again!

  4. I was looking high and low for the sold-out Coach Charm Leather Tote in Silver/Parchment.

    And when I found that Bagophelia still carries it, I was over the moon. I received an email within a couple of hours and transaction was done within minutes.

    Got my bag the following day and am really grateful that Esther was willing to meet me wherever I was.

  5. 5 Catherine

    Good & fast service managed to get my lovely bag within 2 days. Will definately recommend my friends to you. Thanks again for your excellent service & definately will be back for more :) Cheers!

  6. 6 siewkoon

    fast and efficient seller with good communications. love the bags. thankiew for the amazingly smooth transaction.

  7. 7 Judy

    Love the bag!! Thanks for coming down all the way to pass me the bag. Thumbs up for great customer service :p

  8. 8 blushesenblooms

    you’ve been an awesome seller.
    took the time to search fo my kate spade bag which was oos allover.
    even came down all the way to send the item over.
    loved it, you efficient pleasant lil being.
    still waiting fo items frm marc jacobs or burberry haymarket check hobo bag pls(:


  9. 9 Candice

    Hi Esther!!!!

    Thanks so much for the Madison Sabrina patent plum coach bag!!!! Your service is excellent tooo!!! Thanks for teaching me how to identify real bags from the fakes and answering all my questions patiently. Most importantly thanks for getting a replacement tag for my coach bag!! Really appreciate it…. Let me know when you have new models for sale on your blog… will be back for more…



  10. 10 Alicia


    I LOVE my coach audrey gold leather bag!!!!!! my all time fav coach bag! thanks so much for helping me hunt for it, u have excellent customer service and will definitely get from u again! : )

    • 11 thefloralparasol

      Hello Alicia! I totally agree with you! :) When I received the bag yesterday I was so surprised! It looks nice enough in the stock photos but in real life its even prettier! Hope you have fun carrying it this weekend! And its no problem at all! All that matters is that you’re happy! :D Thanks for the great feedback! It was the perfect ending to my day! :D

  11. 12 Jamie

    Hi Esther!

    Just want to thank you for coming all the way down to deliver my Kate Spade bag! Really appreciate your kindness :) Am really loving this bag, the best I ever had! It is big enough for my daily essentials (which includes my waterbottle that I have to bring around – habit) and it doesn’t look to bulky nor big! Perfect size, looks classy enough for such a low price – good deal!

    Thanks for being ver pateient and helpful in your search for my many enquires, it was a pleasant purchase on my side :) Am definitely looking forward to my next purchase with you!

    May this entreprenuer business grow!

    Warmest regards,

    • 13 thefloralparasol

      Hi Jamie! Wow that just made my day! Haha :) I’m so glad that you’re loving the bag! I carry a water bottle around with me all the time too and its such a bother when it makes the bag look bulky and all! :) I’m sure your tribeca will fit a water bottle and all your notes well for school too!

      Thank you once again! You’ve been a lovely buyer. :)

  12. 14 Jemaine

    Hi Esther,

    Thank you so much for delivering the bag all the way to me, and thanks for your suggestions which helped my decision on which bag to get. You are right the patent leather coach in plum colour is really gorgeous, no regrets! :)

    Really appreciate your patience and prompt replies too!

    • 15 thefloralparasol

      Hi Jemaine,

      It was my pleasure! Thanks for being so patient every step of the way. :) Yes I know! Plum is such a gorgeous colour. I’m so glad I could help! Enjoy your bag, hope to see you again soon! :)

  13. 16 Sharon Tong

    Hi Esther,

    Thanks v much for making the arrangements for the purchase of my Patent Coach Madison. Appreciate the suggestions given which really helped make my decision an easy & stress-free one.
    Looking forward to purchasing my next Coach item from you soon! :)

    • 17 thefloralparasol

      Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for your patience in this deal! You were simply great! :) Have fun with your new Coach bag! Till next time then! :)

  14. 18 tanxinyi

    thanks for being so patient and it was a very happy deal with you.
    Bag was in excellent condition and i totally love it!
    thanks for offering me at such a good price and hope to deal with you again!

    • 19 thefloralparasol

      It was my pleasure Xinyi! So sorry about the hold up initially. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! Hope you’re enjoying the bag! Till next time! :D

  15. 20 Jane

    I’ve gotten a Kate spade tarrytown Logan and Charlotte russe dress from bagophelia and absolutely love both items. Both arrived in good condition as well.

    Thanks so much Esther! :)

    • 21 thefloralparasol

      Thank you Jane! It’s been great talking to you! So glad that you love the items! Do drop by again soon! :)

  16. 22 thefloralparasol


    on March 1, 2010 said:

    Thank you for your assistance Esther, you have been very accommodating, never expect I would be able to flaunt my red KS so soon! I’ll definitely be back!!!

  17. 23 thefloralparasol


    2010/02/11 at 6:01am

    Hi Ester, I have received my Carly. It is a very happy deal with you and thanks so much for your help and advice and thanks again for the prompt delivery too. Hope to deal with you again.

  18. 24 Alicia

    where: sgflea
    item: patent coach bag
    feedback: positive!!
    comments: thanks babe for the meet up and everything, hassle free deal!

    • 25 thefloralparasol

      Thanks Alicia for the great deal! :) Hope you love the bag!

  19. 26 Joanne Choi

    Bought: BNWT Coach Madison Signature Ikat Large Sabrina #13584
    Comments: Thank you for the good deal, for being friendly, and for sending out my bag really quickly, just as promised:) Would love to deal with you again=D

    • 27 thefloralparasol

      Hi Joanne! Thanks for the great feedback! I would love to deal with you again too! :) Hope the bag serves you well! :D

  20. 28 constance

    item: coach legacy leather bag
    feedback: friendly and patient seller who takes time to answer my numerous queries! thanks dear for the lovely bag :)

    • 29 thefloralparasol

      It was all my pleasure! Thank you for the smooth deal! It was great! Enjoy your Coach bag! :)

  21. 30 Aishah

    Bought: Kate Spade Zebra Delano Blakely

    Very pleasant, efficient & friendly seller… can see her smiles even thru her replies..When she mention she’s nice & reasonable..she meant it.. ;)

    And most importantly, I love the bag..

    Thank you, thank you..

    • 31 thefloralparasol

      So so glad that you love the bag! :D Enjoy your kate spade! :) Thanks for being such a lovely buyer, and for the fuss-free deal!

  22. 32 thefloralparasol

    drunkenyngz wrote:
    Oct. 20th, 2009 03:55 pm (UTC)
    where: sgflea
    item: mango leather vintage belt
    feedback: positiveeeee!
    comments: lovely belt, lovely seller! received the item super fast, would definitely deal again :)))))

  23. 33 thefloralparasol

    sugarr_candyy wrote:
    Oct. 17th, 2009 05:29 pm (UTC)

    item:pink and black tee
    feedback:POSITIVE !
    comments: very very friendly seller ! even willing to reserve the tee fo me though i delayed the payment fo so long . hope to deal w you again hunn :)

  24. 34 thefloralparasol

    2009-09-09 03:16 pm
    where: sgflea
    item: topshop cape top
    comments: positive! friendly and efficient seller! Thanks ! :D

  25. 35 thefloralparasol

    2009-08-27 04:13 am
    Where transaction took place: SGST
    Item of transaction: ASOS Peach Geldof Shoes
    Comments: The fastest deal ever – confirmed and met up on the very same day. Although there was a slight hiccup in the meetup, it was very quickly resolved with Esther being very accomodating. Would definitely deal again. Thanks for the great deal!

  26. 36 thefloralparasol

    2009-08-05 08:05 am
    Where transaction took place: Sgst
    Item of transaction: bonitochico lace dress
    Feedback: Positive
    Comments: Friendly and efficient seller! Pleasure dealing with you =)

  27. 37 thefloralparasol

    2009-06-06 04:16 am
    Where transaction took place: Sgst
    Item of transaction: Pull and bear / f21
    Feedback: Positive
    Comments: THUMBS UP!

  28. 38 thefloralparasol

    2009-06-04 06:30 am
    Where transaction took place: sgst
    Item of transaction: Topshop Skeletal Bone Cape Tee
    Feedback: positive
    Comments: thanks for the fuss free transactions everytime, definitely recommended! :)

  29. 39 thefloralparasol

    2009-06-02 03:51 pm
    where: sgst
    item: f21 candy striped shorts
    comments: positive! she’s fast and reliable, offering great prices =)

  30. 40 thefloralparasol

    2009-05-20 03:34 am
    Where transaction took place: SGST
    Item of Transaction: Victoria’s Secret Corset Plaid Skirt
    Rating: Positive
    Feedback: Very nice seller who is not irritable by my endless questions! thanks girl!

  31. 41 thefloralparasol

    2009-04-19 10:07 am
    Where transaction took place: SGST
    Item of transaction: Catwalkclose Vintage Dress
    Feedback: Positive
    Comments: friendly and understanding seller – thanks!

  32. 42 thefloralparasol

    2009-04-11 09:25 am
    where: sgflea
    item: f21 skirt
    feedback: positive!!
    comments: efficient seller ;)

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